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September #2

Maurice Jager
Maurice Jager
This week was a good week! How was yours?
I’m always building relationships, as you might know. I’m never really selling, I always care more about the interaction with people. The moment someone decides to have me help them with their headshot or personal brand comes natural in conversation, and if not, I usually learn a thing or two. You never know when you can use the knowledge and ideas people bring into a conversation as inspiration.
I took a break from editing a promo video, because I wanted to write this newsletter. I spent a full day recording the footage this week, and it was very educational to learn how people react in front of a recording camera instead of a photo camera.
While having a script, some people freeze when the record button is hit, and when the story comes out it sounds very much like reading a book. No bueno!
So I decided to change the process, and not have a script. We started using keywords. One word or short sentences on a piece of paper, and just naturally talk about the subject. That worked wonderful.
It’s pretty much the same way I approach my branding sessions. I ask a ton of questions on a phone call to get to know the person, and all I write down are keywords and short sentences. The thought process behind it is to not limit the creativity and ruin the moment during a shoot, because we ‘just want to follow the script’.
When you are writing your social content or record a video, what is your favorite approach?
Is your headshot showing?
Sometimes when someone comes into the studio, I check out their current headshot on LinkedIn. Usually the image shows, but sometimes people accidentally have their privacy settings set too strong.
Most of my clients find me through LinkedIn, and we are usually already connected. However, sometimes we are not. With the privacy settings set to 1st degree connections for your headshot, you are missing out on the opportunity to have people get that first impression through your headshot.
I wrote a blog about it, this might be the time to double-check your settings if you want to have said opportunity.
Profielfoto op LinkedIn niet zichtbaar? De beste oplossing! - Maurice Jager
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Have a great weekend!
Thank you for reading my update!
I hope you find value in me sharing some information, and hope you stick around for next week’s update.
In the meantime, enjoy your weekend and next week.
Talk soon,
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Maurice Jager
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