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September update #1!

Maurice Jager
Maurice Jager
Hi, and welcome to my new weekly newsletter.
I’ve migrated from Mailchimp to Get Revue. Sometimes you just have to mix things up a little to keep that creative muscle working, right?

Most important personal update
It took me over 15 years to finally find a hobby that has nothing to do with my job. A couple of weeks ago, it more or less came to me. I like bowling..
I guess I’m the kinda guy that likes to throw a ball towards some pins, so I reached out to the local bowling club and low and behold they had an intro-night. So I went.
I did the thing that most people hate, walking into a group of people just by yourself. I got to talk with a bunch of people and threw a couple of games, and I didn’t suck!
So I signed up and will be throwing some balls against pins competitively next week! Yay, we got a hobby!
Image below, I’m the one on the bottom.. 5 strikes in a row! Ended with a 214 game!
Are we going to file this one under beginners luck? I hope not!
2nd most important personal update
I’ve just paid all my old student loans back! It’s been forever since I was in school. This year (and last year) have been amazing, tho, so I made it my goal to clean up my finances. The only thing left was my student loans. And they’re gone now!
My work this week
Some of the work I created this week. I usually shoot more than I share, because I need to get permission from my clients to use their image in my portfolio, social media and so forth.
Cool articles
"Yes And" your website design with photos
Is jouw profielfoto op LinkedIn onscherp? - Maurice Jager
When you publish an interesting blog or piece of content, please let me know, and I might include it in next week’s update!
Are we connected?
See you next week?
Thank you for reading my update this week!
Feel free to reach out, and start a conversation.
Stay awesome,
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Maurice Jager
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